Stuffed, reform, tense, with hyaluronic acid and bio-placenta

Clinical results visible from the first treatment!


For people looking for the latest innovations in cosmetics, and online, Natura Bissé has created this innovative professional protocol that offers clinical results.

Consisting in a cutting-edge and complete injection of powerful ingredients capable of inhibiting and noticeably blurring wrinkles and fine lines, combined with advanced facial massage techniques, this non-invasive treatment achieves a powerful Botox effect without microinjections.

In addition, it offers multiple anti-aging benefits and a remarkable rejuvenation of the appearance of the skin, thanks to its revolutionary cocktail of active ingredients, an effective exfoliation that renews the skin texture and recovers the luminosity in an incredible way, and a filling and softening mask.

Inhibit Face-Lift significantly improves the tone, texture and hydration of the skin, which is much smoother, firmer, juicier and smoother.


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